Cashmere Sky at Midwest Furfest 2022!

Cashmere Sky at Midwest Furfest 2022

I wanted to make this announcement sooner, but I had to hold off until I had all the puzzle pieces together! There’s a few parts to this!

For those in the midwest and Chicago area from December 1-4, I’ll be attending my very first Midwest Furfest convention as a dealer! This con has recently overtaken Anthrocon as the largest Fur Con in the world. They’ve hovered around 11,000 in attendance!

Like Anthrocon, I’ll be getting 2 tables, but THIS time I’m with my publisher Fenris Publishing and will have official books! They have 3 tables beside me along with the Guest of Honor AC Stuart (also with Fenris) with a table beside them! That’s 6 tables!

The books have also been an interesting process. I won’t get into the gritty details, but the good news is that I think the book quality will be nearly identical to my original Anthrocon prints! We’re even going with the same printing company! Time is getting tight, so we’re forging ahead trying to get these books printed before the con! Once they’re produced, you’ll be able to order them online as well. Stay tuned for future updates as this develops!


I’ll be speaking and doing a panel at MFF! It’s titled Visual Storytelling in Comics and is treated as a beginners course for all those considering or starting comics. It goes over technical and conceptual topics, mental aspects, discipline, time management, etc. I have tons of preparation to do for this thing as I don’t want to screw it up. A friend actually convinced me to do it, so I did… and I got accepted! Still so much to do and figure out!

Panel description and schedule information here!

You can find out more at Stop by the booth if you’re around! See you there!

My booth is M 12-13 in the Dealer’s Den.

– Jared

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