Travel the Greater Ion Valley

While Ion Valley can be a breathtaking place with sights to see, you’ll need a way to get there first! With the vast array of travel choices, it may get confusing on what is right for you. Below are some key methods of travel that will have something for everyone. Some ships are strictly government operated, but if you sign up for the public services, you just might find yourself behind the stick of one! Never stop dreaming and enlist today!


High Speed Railways

If you need to make your way around Ion Valley, the most popular form of transit is the marvelous high speed rail system. With Voltrak Railways running the show, thousands of people make their commute every day on this timely service. While airships may be the ultimate method of travel, the railway prices can’t be beat! These high speed maglev trains are no slouch either, as you’ll be traveling at a blistering 180mph! Get your ticket today and see Ion Valley like you’ve never seen it before!

The Airships of Ion Valley














As a decommissioned fighter class airship from the old war days, the Dragonfly has been retrofitted for civilian operation and public services. Make no mistake though, this ship packs some serious firepower from the guns under the nose. The electricity inside the loops is an electromagnetic levitation system that allows vertical takeoff. The main engine on the back will get this beast up to a solid 300mph! Due to it’s quick speed and smooth travel, these are ideally used in parameter scouting and observation.


This airship is more modern than the Dragonfly as it was designed for law enforcement for the new and luxurious Hybolt City. It is specifically designed to be non-lethal. Like a bag and tag system, the two arms on the side act as giant tasers, while there’s a device that launches a capture net once the assailant is zapped to the ground. The net can then be detached from the cockpit for dropping suspects off at the station. The pilot area has a great 270 degree view when they’re doing surveillance. Some of the top police officials are lucky enough to have these as personal company ships.


This is the only ship in the fleet that is still used for military operation. Similar to the Dragonfly, this was an airship used from the old war days as it was re-outfitted with more civilian colors and presentation. Don’t be fooled though. This beast is equipped with dual electric pulse cannons and an even larger cannon underneath. Its primary attack fires a stream of pulse lasers. Once coming upon impact, enormous explosions spray the ground. It’s clean, efficient, and only requires a quick recharge. One thing is for sure. If you see a fleet of these coming for you, then you better run!


Developed by Solar Ionics, the Icarus was designed for civilian operation and for people that wanted a little thrill in their life. This ship runs a very high price, but what you get is a blistering experience that will propel you to 350mph! Solar Ionics has been under government scrutiny due to the ship being faster than any government ships, but the counter-argument says that the ship is so expensive and exclusive, any Icarus owner wouldn’t be running from the law anyway.


If you need to be somewhere quick, the Skybus is your ticket in getting there. For those without their own private ships, if you aren’t taking the city trolley or train, you’re flying in one of these. Developed in collaboration between Solar Ionics and Lockridge Industries, these ships not only get you to your destination quickly, but they’re luxurious as well. Wide comfy chairs, lots of leg room, and fantastic inflight service makes this method of travel a constant temptation. The Skybus can seat well over 100 passengers and even has an observatory deck in the back. All aboard!


As a modified version of the Skybus, this ship specializes in carrying massive payloads and goods to various parts of the region. You’ll see these flying anywhere from Hybolt City to the countryside towards the far end of Faraday Falls. Unlike the Skybus, this doesn’t seat very many people, nor is it nearly as luxurious inside, especially since windows are scarce. The poorer folks living in the Megaplex sky city will sometimes bum a ride on one of these, but honestly, the trolley and trains are much better.