Meet the Cast



Arlo Cashmere

Although he may seem like it, Arlo isn’t your average kid. Full of energy and wit, he’s always cracking jokes and trying to be the life of the party. Unlike his younger brother Enzo, Arlo has been more attracted to the spirit of adventure than science. He has natural athletic ability and possesses many same qualities as his father Abram. Being quite the handful, Arlo tends to get combative and abrasive towards authority, which doesn’t look good when his father is Chief of Police. Archer Sullivan has mentioned that he sees potential greatness in Arlo, but he’ll need guidance getting there.





Enzo Cashmere

Fascinated with science and engineering from an early age, Enzo always has his head in books. Constantly learning, he is one of the brightest students at his school. He has trouble making friends and routinely gets bullied, so he prefers to keep to himself. He spends his time after school in the science lab, experimenting with electricity, messing with tesla coils, and tinkering with equipment he probably shouldn’t be. His curiosity has no bounds. He dreams to one day work at Solar Ionics like his neighbor, Theo.





Holly Cashmere

Unlike most citizens of Ion Valley, Holly came from outside the region when meeting Abram shortly after the war. There are some that resent her claiming she’s a gold digger marrying into a highly respected family name, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Holly’s perspective on the issues across the world is far more balanced than many native Ion Valley citizens. With this knowledge, she hopes to raise Arlo and Enzo the best she can while keeping their eyes, ears, and minds open. Arlo and Enzo really couldn’t ask for a better mom which gives even more reason why Abram hit it off so well with her.





Abram Cashmere

As one of the most respected individuals in the Ion Valley Public Services, the terms “loyalty” and “duty” are at the top of Abram’s list. With extensive military training and multiple campaigns in the war, he’s risen to become a natural born leader. Being appointed as Ion Valley’s Chief of Police, he aims to protect and serve the valley’s citizens at all cost, especially his family. Abram is well respected among his peers including President Lockridge who always seeks his advice. He even hopes that one day Arlo may fill his shoes.





Archer Sullivan

Living in the more isolated neighborhood of Cirrus Heights, this bachelor lives a quiet life tending to his gardens and reading books. Archer is a highly intelligent individual who excels greatly at strategic operations. He’s got a dry sense of humor, is described to be a bit boring, and has a serious case of OCD. While Archer may be respected in his position, he’s not someone that many connect with on a personal level. Abram sees great value in his judgement which is why he works so closely with him. Archer has known the Cashmere’s for years and is essentially a friend of the family. Arlo loves to exploit his OCD from time to time, but can never beat him in a game of chess.




Lily Graham Bell

Growing up in a mining town outside of Ion Valley, Lily came from a rough environment. Being raised primarily by her mother and stepfather, Lily learned a great deal about airship repair and being an all around handyman. As she got older, her life took some turns which toughened this sweet girl up even more. Lily is one to cut the small talk and get straight to the point. She hates formalities and has no interest in adopting society’s expectations of a “proper lady”. If you tango with this girl, she may throw in a few words, and a screwdriver at that.




Ivan Berling

Ivan’s past is a bit muddy, mainly because he’s been the cause of most of his problems. Being known as arrogant, selfish, and a bully, most would admit he’s not exactly a role model. As a former I.V.P.D. officer, Ivan was dishonorably discharged for disorderly conduct. He was liked by some, but loathed by many including Archer Sullivan which goes back many years. Ivan eventually left Ion Valley and found a lucrative job as a smuggler. With all his inside knowledge of how the public services operate, he’s one of the most successful in the business. Despite having a large amount of sleazy clientele, if he makes a buck, it doesn’t matter.





Daphne Goodwin

Daphne is the girl most would regard as the popular girl in school. Coming from a wealthy and political family, Daphne thinks she can get practically anything she wants. While she can be a driven person and quite persuasive, Daphne occasionally tends to be a bipolar emotional train wreck. Her family puts a lot of pressure on her regarding her plans for the future. She’ll do anything it takes to get the approval of her family, even if it means taking advantage of someone else. As someone difficult to befriend, Daphne can come across very cold to those not friends with her.





Winston Lockridge

Regarded as one of the most powerful people in Ion Valley, President Winston Lockridge is driven by success, no matter what it takes to get it. His political power compliments his immense wealth across the multiple industries he has his hands in. Lockridge Industries is largely responsible for the vast landscape developments such as Ohmsdale, Cirrus Heights, and Faraday Falls along with many contracts with Solar Ionics. Winston’s approval ratings are high, but he’s always been interested in what he wants first. He’s a master politician who has skillfully harnessed lying as second nature. He may be all smiles, but this guy definitely has an agenda.





Satri Lockridge

As the mother of Winston Lockridge and former CEO of Lockridge Industries, this woman is not to be messed with. She might look like your average grandma, but there are a few who regard her as having more power than the president himself. Winston may be in the spotlight, but Satri keeps a tight leash on her son. She’s incredibly manipulative and has her own agendas as well. As she plays the part the public wants to see, she knows power doesn’t last unless drastic measures are done. Don’t expect any money in the birthday cards she sends, if they’re sent at all.





Titus Van Buren

Titus is who many regard as an enigma. His past is shrouded in mystery and not many people in Ion Valley know who he is. His last name implies that he comes from royal lineage, but no one can find anyone related to him. Originally on an advisory staff at Lockridge Industries under Satri’s management, Titus has now become an important key component to President Lockridge’s administration. Titus is known as the person that cleans up situations. Being somewhat on the quiet side and indifferent to most situations, he seems to take great pleasure and pride in his work. As a side note, it’s not advised to have this guy babysit your kids anytime soon.





Theo and Nelly

Living next door to the Cashmere’s, it could safely be said that Theo and Nelly are the “cool” neighbors. Theo is an employee of Solar Ionics and is always geeking out on new home projects in the house or workshop. Theo is a bit eccentric with a short attention span, but his genius knows no bounds. Nelly is his faithful wife that keeps him out of trouble. She tends to have frequent talks with Holly next door while Enzo is always coming over to check out the next cool project in Theo’s workshop. Basically, if science is the conversation, Theo is a kid in a candy store. Nelly just makes sure the house doesn’t explode.





Professor Watts

Aside from Theo, Professor Watts is a wonderful mentor for Enzo and his aspiration in science. As a geek and outcast himself, Watts and Enzo get along quite well. In fact, Watts has allowed Enzo to use the school facilities to push ahead on his personal projects just as a kind gesture. He’s a well respected individual in the field of science and is on the board at Solar Ionics. Even Theo looks up to him.




Jules & Angus


As farmers in the agriculture sector of Ion Valley, these two buffoons always find ways to get into trouble. Jules always has his crazy theories and conspiracies all while trying to rope along Angus in his shenanigans. If something exploded or crashed somewhere, double check to make sure these guys aren’t anywhere in the vicinity.