Welcome to Cashmere Sky!


It’s finally here! After many years and thousands upon thousands of drawing hours, sleepless nights, and headaches…..IT’S FINALLY HERE! However, aside from this celebration, I also realize that this is only just the beginning. I don’t even have the comic posted yet after all haha. Although I’m excited that all this hard work is finally put into one cohesive place that everyone can finally understand. I’ve had some strange looks from family members and friends over the years wondering why the heck I’m drawing so many cartoon cats. People were getting my ideas ala carte and piecemeal, but still didn’t quite understand what the vision was all about.

I’m proud to present the official site and home turf of Cashmere Sky, hopefully being a story and graphic novel that will live on through the ages! (I’m thinking big I know). Browse around as there is plenty to read and see. Thanks to everyone for their support and here’s to many more years of my ridiculous obsession with this project! 😉

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